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LasVegasHula provides a classy show. Risque performance is not an option. We offer a clean, fun and family appropriate show. We perform traditional and modern style dances of polynesia. Songs and Dances performed are from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Tokelau, Aotearoa and Viti Levu.  The fire knife dance is from the islands of Samoa.  
Our goal is to give you the best show possible.  A basic show last for 30-40 minutes with 3 hula girls and 2 warriors, audience participation and emcee.  
If it's a back yard party, we are willing to work with your space.  The dancers are happy to dance on grass. For huge backyards(overlooking a cliff) we prefer to set up our equipment(speakers and drums) behind the dancers.  It works out best for sound quality.
Although we do not need a formal stage to perform on, we prefer that the ground is smooth, comfortable and most importantly safe for the hula dancer's bare feet. Most cement floors are okay. Asphalt/Parking lot requires a built stage. It is very difficult for hula dancers to perform with shoes neither is it traditional. To fit 3 dancers or a fire dancer, the stage need to have an area of about 15' X 21'. For backyard parties or most shows we usually can work with the space provided. Only the fire dancer need ample space during his act. His performance lasts 7 minutes and is accompanied with live drumming.  When you order a fire dancer, he will always need live drumming to accompany his performance.
A change room close to the stage is best. The restroom is not a change room.  
Lei Greeters are great to have before the show, there is an hourly charge.  (We do not supply the leis).  Besides lei greet, lei greeters can mingle with the guests and have pictures taken with them.
Hire a Hawaiian Musician to your luau party!  click here for details.  Hawaiian Musician Package  Affordable!

A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is required to confirm a show.  Deposit is requested at least 2 weeks in advance.  An invoice will be emailed when a show is requested.  Please review invoice and send deposit.  We accept cash, check or credit card.  Please be advised, a show is not confirmed without a deposit.
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