Noa'ia E Mauri and Bula Vinaka!  My name is Myra and I am a Rotuman, born and raised in Suva, Fiji. 

Polynesian dancing started at a very young age for me.  Being that I'm polynesian, it is in our culture to dance and sing not only at home but at celebrations.  Formal schooling in polynesian dance, mainly hula and tahitian dance began when I was a teenager.   I was fortunate to learn from well respected teachers who taught maori, tahitian, samoan dances and hula.  I spent my teenage years performing as often as possible and loved every moment!  My first group and solo competition for tahitian dance was at Palace Station Hotel(Las Vegas) at the age of 17.  I also performed in Salt Lake City, St George and St Paul/Minneapolis.  After having 6 children I decided to teach polynesian dance.  It's been a memorable experience meeting new people through dance classes, children's parties and polynesian shows.  The 7th child joined our family while I was still teaching, performing and competing and so naturally he loves to dance and his first performance was at age 2.
I welcome anyone to try out my classes.  Each student joins for a different reason.  Many join for the love of the culture, some join for exercise and others join to perform.  Whatever your reason might be, my classes are to bring joy to all that attend. 
Looking forward to meet you and hope that you'll enjoy my dance classes and shows.
Myra Te-Awhi
Polynesian Dance Instructor

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