Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  We hold dance classes at Self Quest Institute studio, cross streets are Green Valley Pkwy and Windmill Pkwy.  


Q.  Do you perform at festivals?  

A.  We perform at Hawaiian Festivals mainly Pure Aloha Festival in April and October.  Days and Time will vary.


Q.  How much is your show?

A.  Pricing varies depending on when show is booked, arrival time, show time, location and the amount of guests present at the event.  Call us at 702-401-0656.


Q.  I would love to hire polynesian entertainment for my luau party but I have a small budget.  What can you offer?

A.  Hawaiian Musician Package includes a serenader (singer and guitarist) and a 7 minute hula show by hula mama in a modest costume.  click here for details


Q.  May we order 1 hula girl to perform for 1 hour?

A.  The fee starts at $150.00 for 1 hula girl to perform for about 15 minutes.  The dances performed are a combination of hula and tahitian.  There are a variety of songs and drums that are played to compliment the dancer's high energy and low energy dance routines.  Please call for rates for a one hour presentation by 1 Hula Girl.  click here to view one hula girl.   

Q.  How many drummers do you provide?

A.  Two Drummers(3 tahitian drums).  


Q.  Who emcees the show?

A.  HulaMama of LasVegasHula emcees the show.  If she is not present, the lead drummer emcees the show. 


Q.  How does your show work?

A.  When you order the complete show package (Package C), the show starts with Live Drumming, a Warrior blows the Conche Shell for several seconds.  Dancers enter the stage performing to drums of Tahiti...other dances performed are ancient hula, modern hula, maori and Fijian dances.  Audience Participation is included.  The last performance is Samoa's fire knife dance.  His performance last for about 8 minutes.  Show Package C can last up to 1 hour.  We can shorten the show if needed(it will be the same price).  A video clip is attached so that you can see how the beginning of the show looks like.  LVH SHOW APRIL 26TH 2014, 7:45PM  


Q.  How early do we need to book a show?

A.  We prefer at least 2 weeks in advance however we have accepted show bookings 8 hours prior to show time.  There is an additional fee.


Q.  How do we pay for the show?

A.  You may pay cash, check or credit card.  Please read everything carefully on the Hula Show page before confirming with us.


Q.  When is payment due?

A.  A 25% Non-Refundable deposit is required to confirm the show.  Deposit is preferred at least 2 weeks prior to show date.  The remaining balance is due upon arrival.



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